Extremely classy, trendy, chic, and comfortable

That dress fits like a glove! Extremely classy, trendy, chic, and comfortable. What I love about it is the fact that it’s versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. It’s smart and my go-to dress for power dressing!! Big thank you for giving me the dress of my dreams. Zara has to wait for me now, cos Angelete has the dresses that no one else has 🙂

Seema Wadhwa Rastogi

The material is super soft

Both the dress look damn cute Babita. The material is super soft and looks damn comfy. Gonna wear them the next time I step out. Thank you so much I love it.


Nice and the quality is good

It’s nice and the quality is good too

Cherry Jain

The Fabric is Extremely Soft and of Finest Quality

My favourite bit about my Angelete outfit is that the fabric is extremely soft and of finest quality. The unique silhouettes and subtle hues instantly caught my attention and I can’t wait to shop more from this brand

Gravita Garg
Digital creator

Loved the fitting and the quality

Hey, received the parcel. Loved the fitting and the quality. The color is so pretty. Everyone in my house loved it too. I Will order for my sister as well.Can’t wait to shop more 💕💕

Aanchal Goyal

Wonderful Designs of Dresses

I’m Rose from Kerala so had seen these wonderful designs of dresses by Angelete brand very pleasing patterns. I got 2 dresses already from them beatiful clothes , pretty patterns and very comfortable. I highly recommend friends to check this brand.


Loved my Angelete Cotton Dress

Loved my Angelete cotton dress, so comfy and so elegant. There is so much attention to detail in the neckline, hem and the sleeves, it is absolutely commendable. Definitely recommend buying from Angelete

Mahima Agarwal
Lifestyle Blogger

Comfortable and Perfect fit Dresses

While the whole world is going made over profits first and customers later, Angelete has really proved that they are a brand for the people. With such amazing designs that are comfortable and have a perfect fit to the bodice, this brand has truly become one of my favorites in no time. I’m sure there are some hard-working people at work behind the products that we see who understand the technique and have great taste in fashion.
Can’t wait for the next collection❤️